Jerri Sher

“The joy of my journey is presenting the world with hope

and inspiration through the medium of film and television.”

How it all Started

About 25 years ago, while I was living in Marblehead, MA an astrologer told me I would be in movies and would impact the world in a big way about health and healing. At the time I was on my 2nd career as a sales and marketing manager for GOD (Guaranteed Overnight Delivery) Trucking Co. in the Northeast. Not a normal job for a female in those days. Little did I know that it was teaching me all of the skills to become a producer, especially working with the teamsters.

That coupled with my 1st career of art professor gave me the idea for my first novel. A story (fiction based on fact) about a woman in the trucking business delving into a medical mystery about the cure for HIV/AIDS. And that is how it all happened, a girl from Fall River, MA becoming a Director’s Guild member and 2 time Emmy winner.

I directed, wrote and produced LIVE LIFE, a 12-part television series about alternative healing. It will impact people worldwide to give them hope for a better life. My life has taken many exciting turns and I live each day as if it were the last, making the most out of every moment. I stay centered and grounded and I always follow my heart as I continue to grow, change and evolve. That’s why my life is beautiful and I am surrounded by love.


A story of healing and hope. Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain showcases personal journeys of people who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, and the pioneering doctors who use innovative methods to treat this silent illness that affects millions of veterans, athletes and civilians worldwide.


LIVE LIFE tells the true life stories of people whose lives have been transformed through the power of the mind and alternative medicine. Many of these people had been written off as beyond hope by the mainstream medical and psychological establishments. They needed to learn how to tap into the healing power and strength within themselves.


Watch the engineering miracle of the 4,000 ton Empire Theatre moving down 42nd St. without the help of human hands. This Doc traces the history from the 30’s to the present of the most famous street in all the world!