A mysterious illegal immigrant, only known as TWIG, may have the cure to the HIV virus locked in his blood. As information of this revolutionary discovery is leaked, several entities launch a deadly search to find and exploit TWIG’s secrets.

This medical thriller unfolds as the CIA enlists former agent Penny Sears to track down this would-be modern-day miracle. The fascinating combination of art and science explodes in THE TWIG PAINTER as Penny is charged with finding TWIG while protecting her family from the dangerous, high-stakes game in which she finds herself immersed. The clock is ticking…

 Would you believe it if you were told that you could throw a party for anybody with any name, from A to Z?!

Throwing a party is like putting on a movie; the location is your set, the guests are your actors, and the event itself becomes the script. And with this book anyone can be a party planning master!

“This book made my whole life more creative. The ideas are fun and useful for any party. Very clever and a good resource. Definitely buy it!” -Margaret Lynch ★★★★★